• Find Your Forever Puppy Love.

  • If you’re looking for a place to find healthy,
    ethically-raised Doodles, you’ve arrived.

Find Your Forever Puppy Love.

If you’re looking for a place to find healthy,
ethically-raised Doodles, you’ve arrived.
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Who We Are?


What we offer?

Here are our cute and cuddly Doodles!

F1B Goldendoodles

A cute, Teddy Bear-like mix of Poodle & Golden Retriever that will give you overflowing amounts of love at all times. Adult sizes from 15 - 35 pounds.

Mini & Medium
$2800 - $3500

F1B Bernedoodles

A loyal, clever, and goofy mix of Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle that will stay by your side on this journey called life no matter what. Adult size up to 15 pounds.

$3800 - $5000

Why Doodles?


    Doodles are proven to be some of the most intelligent dogs on the planet because of their amazing Poodle genetics making them one of the smartest in the world!


    Doodles are super friendly! They’ll always be around to give you endless amounts of love and affection wherever you are!


    Our Doodles are guaranteed to be healthy when you adopt from us. That's why we provide our special Parker Doodle 24 Month Good-Health Guarantee.

Easy Steps To Adopt

Finding your forever puppy love is simple & easy!


The first step to finding your Forever Puppy Love is to Apply to Adopt one of our precious Doodles. Our team will review your application for adoption with 48 hours.


Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an invitation to gain access to pick your Doodle from our available litters.


Pick the Doodle you love most from the pictures and secure your adoption by placing a fully 100% refundable adoption deposit.


Once you’ve placed your deposit to reserve your Doodle, we’ll contact you to schedule your to Adoption day.


The last step is to attend Adoption Day, meet your new Doodle and make your final payment. – it’s that simple. Live far from our location, no worries – we deliver to the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Make your final payment and bring your Doodle home.


Adoption stories

ZuZu & Nova

Medium (Goldendoodles)

Once Frances got her first Goldendoodle, she never went back! She absolutely fell in love with Doodles. She said her first Doodle was so smart and easy to train. She decided she was going to stick with Goldendoodles forever. So, when she was looking for another Doodle, she searched for 2 years and then found Parker Doodles - and felt an instant connection. She’d just purchased a new home with an amazing backyard, perfect for Doodles. She adopted ZuZu & Nova and they moved into their new home together.


Mini (Goldendoodles)

Jasmin always knew she wanted a dog, and since her new job allowed her to work remotely, she figured now was the best time to get one. But she couldn’t get just any dog because she’s highly sensitive to most dogs. But since Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic, she knew they would be perfect for her. She came across Parker Doodles in an online Facebook Group and heard so many great things about us. She adopted Jax, a beautiful Doodle and now, they’re best friends! They even have their own hashtag #JaxnJas.


Medium (Goldendoodles)

Michelle did a ton of research on which dog to get for their family. And since her husband Genesis has allergies, they found Goldendoodles to be the perfect pup. (They also have 2 daughters and run a daycare business, so they thought having a Goldendoodle would be perfect for thier kids. Now that they made a forever home for Archie, they are absolutely in love!

Here’s What Pawrents Have To Say About Us

Group 2286

Frances Burt

It’s been excellent. They answered all my questions. I felt very very comfortable with the way they were caring for the pups. I would definitely say to anyone, check out Parker Doodles…They treat their dogs like family.

Group 2286

Jasmin Scalli

It’s been an amazing experience. You guys are quick and knowledgeable. As a new dog owner... I know I have so much security. You guys also connected me with a network of people so my Doodle can also stay with his family and visit. That makes me happy for him.

Group 2286

Michelle & Geneis

It’s been AMAZING! You guys have helped us out so much. Answered all my questions. You guys were just super helpful, and honest, and trustworthy, and yes. Thank you for bringing him to us.

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